The major rules for obtaining the expected tax refund early is to file returns early and apply direct deposit. Also, the IRS has made it possible to fill out the necessary blanks and forms on their official website.

You can also benefit from using numerous online financial calculators to avoid manual estimations. A taxpayer can choose between sending documents via traditional mailing or electronic (email). The second method speeds up the process significantly. If you file early using special online services, you can count on a refund within ten days!

Some other factors impact the speed of a tax refund. For example, it depends whether the taxpayer is claiming particular types of loans (e.g., Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit). One more factor that has an influence is if the citizen has any current debts to the federal government. It is better when the amount you pay off for taxes exceeds the one you should cover than vice versa. In such a case, it is possible to claim a refund.