What are the IRS tax forms? The Internal Revenue Service issues them to let the US citizens easier manage their taxes and incomes. By filling them and submitting to this organization, the taxpayers report the basic financial information. It would be impossible for the IRS to check and control all of the tax returns and refunds as there are around 200 million taxpayers in the country.

The forms from the IRS allow completing and reporting the essential financial information on your own. It is necessary and useful for knowing your expenses and revenues as well as how much money you owe to the government (or vice versa).

There are several different forms. Some of them are used to report income while others are for the information on taxes. It is required by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC); more than 800 forms/schedules are available. The primary form is known as 1040, and this one is for individual federal tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service.