Many citizens of the US dread tax season. It is up to you to decide what to do with the additional funds: start saving today, paying off debts, or creating an elaborate budget plan for your future. Most people wish to know when they’ll receive their refunds. The typical waiting period is around three weeks, but there can be exceptions. The speed of response depends on whether you use a traditional mail or electronic one.

An IRS tax refund schedule will have three columns, the tax return accepted by IRS before specific time and date, direct deposit sent, and a paper check made. Here is how to use this table properly: the left-hand column will let you known the appropriate time and date when a tax refund was accepted while the rest of the columns are there to realize when you are up to obtain the refund. It depends on the type you’ve initially chosen.

Some people prefer filing their taxes with e-files. In this case, they must wait for am electronic verification to email. Such info will be entered in the left column. The chart covers dates beyond the traditional filing one. On the whole, doing taxes can be stressful to mind and wallet, so it is better to choose the electronic option.